Welcome to our fabulous article about this year’s Erasmus+ Exchange with Vannes, the partner of Cuxhaven. To give you a small overview, we will summarize what we did this week: We went to Hamburg as well as Bremerhaven to visit Greenpeace and the “Auswandererhaus”. Of course, the schedule also had large enough gaps to discover the cities by ourselves, which was a highlight for many of us. We also had a free weekend to show our exchange partners the life in Cuxhaven. The theme of living a sustainable life stuck with us throughout the whole week. From visiting Greenpeace in Hamburg to picking up trash in Cuxhaven, we took some time to work on projects about it almost every day. We (as in the authors) asked the other participants what their favourite part of the exchange was and came to the conclusion that the trip to Hamburg as well as the climbing park were the most popular favourites. Still, we all agree on the best parts definitely having been the new relationships formed with the students from France but also with the students from our own country, which is why we can’t wait to see them again in Vannes soon.

Now the French students are going to show you their perspective:
Nous avons beaucoup aimé la ville d’Hamburg, c’est une belle ville, où nous avons pu découvrir de nouvelles choses grâce à notre temps libre. Grâce à l’activité dans les locaux de Greenpeace, nous avons pu en apprendre plus sur ce mouvement, cela nous a permis d’apprendre plus sur la planète et sur les pays engagés. Les activités faites étaient instructives et bien organisées, nos journées étaient complètes tout en nous laissant du temps libre. Cet échange nous a permis de rencontrer de nouvelles personnes, une nouvelle langue, de plus nous avons amélioré notre anglais grâce à ce voyage. Notre classe est aussi devenu plus proche et plus unie suite aux activités.

Overall, the exchange was a huge success. Even though we had to deal with a slight language barrier, and managed to create some hilarious misunderstandings, we ended up with a great group bond and especially some awesome memories. In conclusion, what stuck in our head the most was the pleasant contrast between the differences and similarities noticed.

Nina and Maëla from Vannes, France -& Nike, Robin and Karl from Cuxhaven, Germany